Cyclone Cycles & Mowers have been providing, servicing and repairing bikes, mowers and other outdoor equipment for Cantabrians for over 50 years.  We have a fully-provisioned mechanical and bike servicing workshop as well as the knowledge to ensure you receive a quality outcome.  We take pride in the job we do for you and guarantee our work!

Cyclone's servicing gives you the opportunity to have your bike, mower, chainsaw, or other outdoor equipment item serviced with the option of also having the item(s) picked-up & delivered back for a small charge.  We know that life can be demanding on your time, so save yourself time and take advantage of our pick-up & delivery service.  Book online now, or you're welcome to phone the lads on 332 9588 to discuss your needs

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If you own a lawnmower, whether it be a handmower, rotary, electric or reel mower, it is important that you have it regularly serviced before the cutting seaon begins.  Book your lawnmower in for a service now so that you can get a clean start to the mowing season.  Book online today.

Chainsaws and Outdoor Equipment...

Just like mowers, your outdoor equipment also needs a regular service in order to maintain it's condition.  We can service almost all brands of outdoor equipment, including trimmmer, chainsaws, generators, concrete cutters and many more.  If you're unsure about whether we can service or repair the equipment you own, just phone us for a chat on 332 9588, otherwise book your service or repair online today.


Although we sell the TREK brand of bike, we can service and repair any make and model of cycle.  We understand the need to keep your bike in top condition. We offer bike repair, bike servicing and bike maintenance all of which will ensure that you end up with the best and safest ride possible. We also offer a range of servicing options to suit both your need and budget.  Book online today

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 We service... Road Bikes *** Mountain Bikes *** Rotary Mowers *** Reel Mowers *** Hand Mowers *** Electric Mowers *** Ride-On Mowers *** Chainsaws *** Hedge Trimmers *** Weedeaters *** Chippers & Shredders *** Blow-vacs *** Rotary Hoes *** Generators *** Concrete Cutters, Compactas & Saws

... and many others - just ask!